Client Alert: Change of ATO mailing details with myGov registration


The Australia Taxation Office ("ATO") has started changing the way it communicates with individuals and their tax agents.

If you have recently registered a myGov account, or linked the ATO to your myGov account, you will begin receiving correspondence through your myGov inbox. 

Any correspondence received through myGov will no longer be sent by paper to your tax agent.  Correspondence you may receive includes notices of assessment, PAYG Instalments, statements of account, and confirmation and reminder notices.

If you use Lowe Lippmann as your tax agent for your individual taxation affairs, historically we have received any paper correspondence from the ATO on your behalf, and advised you of any taxation matters, especially where a specific course of action is required.

However, as a result of these changes, Lowe Lippmann will not see copies of your ATO correspondence unless it is specifically requested.  We will only be able to view copies of the electronic letters that the ATO sends to your myGov account by performing a periodical search for new correspondence.  We will not receive any prompting from the ATO that you have been sent new correspondence.

Clearly this is a critical issue, as important and time critical taxation matters sent from the ATO may be overlooked by not checking your myGov Inbox regularly, or by Lowe Lippmann not receiving timely search results from the ATO.

We are currently in discussions with the ATO to determine if the ATO will issue a "fix" for this issue, however we have been advised they have no solution at this time.

If you have recently registered a myGov account, or linked the ATO to your myGov account, we recommend that you update your "default" myGov details to request that all correspondence be sent in paper format via Lowe Lippmann at the following address:

C/- Lowe Lippmann Chartered Accountants

PO Box 130

St Kilda  Victoria  3182


Alternatively, if you prefer to receive correspondence from the ATO electronically to your myGov Inbox, please be aware that your tax agent will not receive the correspondence.  If you require any assistance, you will need to forward a copy of the correspondence to our office.

If you need any assistance, or have any questions in relation to this matter, please contact our office.

Yours faithfully



Joseph Franck