Litigation Support, Forensic and Investigative Accounting

Our team of highly trained and specialist forensic and investigative accountants are engaged as 'independent accounting experts' for the purpose of assisting in court hearings as expert witnesses and as 'consulting accounting experts' providing a range of investigative accounting services to meet the specific needs of clients. Litigation support and forensic services include:

  • Expert witness reports
  • Expert witness evidence in court
  • Court-appointed investigations
  • Assistance and advice in fraud investigations
  • Identification and calculation of economic loss
  • Case management and liaison with Lawyers, Police, ASIC and other authorities
  • Recommendations on Internal Controls and fraud prevention

We will formulate and conduct investigations, prepare reports in a suitable form for in court presentation and give court evidence as expert witnesses.

As investigative accountants, our team works closely with our clients and other professionals. We are cognizant of the sensitive nature of these investigations. Computer-assisted techniques are efficiently employed and our team is highly skilled at delivering a well-planned and implemented investigation.

When conducting our investigation, we are attentive to our clients' needs and extremely careful so as to minimise any potential risks, including damage to our clients' reputation.