Other Specialist Services

Individuals and non-profit organisations can sometimes be overlooked in a world dominated by corporations and big business. At Lowe Lippmann we place our clients first. By working closely with them, we design their financial, management and other specialist services to meet their needs and objectives. Specialist services include:

  • Services for individuals
  • Services for non-profit organisations and government agencies
  • Advice on available government grants and incentive funding programs
  • Company and property searches
  • Registration of Business names 
  • IT Consulting
  • Succession planning
  • Business Migration - business set-up, selection and evaluation.

We assist clients in specific projects providing advice in such areas as available government funding, computer systems and succession planning.

Succession planning represents a major challenge for most individuals and families in business. Failure to clearly plan for one's successor in an ongoing enterprise and/or the division of assets can potentially result in disaster and family break-up. With careful planning, these problems can be avoided.