Property Audit & Assurance

Property Audit & Assurance is our specialty service division born out of our focus and growing reputation in expert audit & assurance services for Owners Corporations and managed properties. We have honed our extensive audit background and experience and use the latest techniques to deliver strata and multi-tenanted property Owners and Managers with a quality service at the best possible value.

Our reputation of integrity, independence and commitment to service and results, enhances the confidence and credibility that can be placed in the financial information reported to Owners and other users. Property Audit & Assurance can deliver independent expert audit and assurance reports and services applicable to:

  • Statutory audits for Owners Corporations, strata and tenanted properties in accordance with applicable legislation and reporting requirements
  • Preparation of year-end Financial Reports for presentation to Owners/Members
  • Preparation and independent assurance certification of specific reports such as Outgoings statements for reporting to Tenants under lease arrangements
  • Special purpose reviews and assurance engagements, including examination of records at Manager change-overs or at any other time  or reason
  • Internal Control System reviews and recommendations
  • Fraud prevention strategies and recommendations
  • Expert Reports in matters of litigation or dispute

Strata and Managed properties that we may service include:

  • Residential Owners Corporations (Body Corporates)
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Complexes
  • High-rise Towers
  • Retail and Shopping Centres
  • Mixed use – such as Residential with Retail and/or Commercial
  • Serviced Apartments and other shared properties such as Retirement Villages.
  • Single and/or multiple OCs to the property
  • Prescribed Owners Corporations and Others
  • Large and small sites

We have earned an enviable reputation for service and commonality of purpose with OC Managers, while delivering to Owners cost efficient independent assurance on the reliability of financial reports and compliance with reporting obligations. 

We are part of a full service accounting practice.  Owners and Managers can call upon our Tax and Business Services professionals for tax compliance and consultancy including Income Tax Returns, BASs and other tax and accounting matters.

Our approach is about excellence and adding value.

To obtain a quick quote, simply complete our in-confidence checklist, or contact us for a one-on-one chat about your needs.

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