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Electronic Document Signing

Lowe Lippmann is pleased to announce that we have partnered with BGL CAS360 and AdobeSign to streamline delivery and signing of corporate secretarial documents prepared for you.   

BGL's CAS360 is trusted by businesses all around Australia and is one of their trusted products.

CAS360 utilises AdobeSign as a cloud based signature service which allows us to send, sign and track documents sent to you for signature and payment of Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) fees.

How to sign documents sent to you.

The process of signing and paying ASIC fees is quick, simple and can be done on just about any electronic device (i.e. phone, tablet or computer) wherever you are.

Some of the benefits of electronic delivery and signing are:

  • Instant and secure delivery almost anywhere in the world
  • Once signed the documents are automatically returned to us
  • All signatories will have access to the final signed documents
  • We are also choosing a more environmental friendly and efficient way of delivering documents to you.
  • No need to print documents, sign and scan to send back to us.

How you will receive the documents for signing

When we prepare Annual Review documents and corporate secretarial documents for you, you will receive a communication from our corporate department via AdobeSign.com providing:

  • The standard correspondence you would normally receive and;
  • Links to documents online for signing and, if applicable, to pay prescribed ASIC fees.  You click on these links and simply follow the guided steps, review the document and sign, initial or date where requested and, if relevant arrange payment of any prescribed ASIC fees.

For entities where multiple Directors or parties have to sign, the system will automatically send an individual email to each person.  

For this new delivery system to work efficiently, all signatories need a unique email address.  

Importantly, if you believe the email address we have on our system is not where you would like documents to be emailed, please email us directly from your preferred email address advising us of your preference.


If documents have not been returned signed within the required time frame a reminder email will be sent.  Once all parties have signed, each signatory will receive (via email) a copy of the signed documents.

For specialised bespoke corporate transactions and for clients that have requested corporate secretarial documents to be sent to a 'contact' or 'manager' rather than an officer of the relevant company, corporate secretarial documents will continue to be sent to you in the current format which is by email or post.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Lowe Lippmann Relationship Partner if you wish to discuss any of these matters further